Strategies For Improvement

School improvement is the responsibility of all educational leaders, whether at the school level or central office.  I have a particular interest in how technology can be leveraged to improve school communities by providing access and analysis of data, improving student engagement, and teachers growth. 

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Strategies for School Improvement

When a new educational leader enters a division, their approach to entry can have significant implications for school improvement.  I prepared this 90-day entry plan for the role of educational technology specialist, who directly supports the Supervisor of Educational Technology. 


Strategies for Monitoring School Progress

Using tools like Formative or Mastery Connect, administrators can view student progress on a digital dashboard in real-time.  This is one of the ways I think technology can be leveraged to improve schools. In this paper, I evaluated Lexia Core 5, another tech tool which has a digital dashboard administrator can use in measuring school improvement. 

Digital Dashboards: twools with digital dashboards allow educators to take real-time data and turn it into action for school improvement


Strategies for Supervising and Improving Instruction

Supervising instruction is far more than managing people, it is an integral element of school improvement.  The papers below exemplify my experience and thoughts on this process, as I went through a simulated experience with a novice teacher at my school. 

Observation Experience

Professional Growth Plan

Instructional Assistance

Professional Action Plan

Instructional Supervisions: Support teacher growth and improve student success.
Collection of Educational Professional Group Logos


Professional Leadership Meetings

I regularly participate in professional leadership meetings with the following organizations:


-VSTE Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

-ISTE Certified Educator Meet-Ups

-Canva K-12 Advisory Council

-Canvas Edvocate

-Microsoft Educator Expert Community

-Google Innovator, Trainer, and Coach Community

Mission, Vision, and Core Values


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Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment


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Operations and Management


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