Operations and Management

Educational leaders are responsible for maintaining the infrastructure of schools and divisions. My specific interest lies in maintaining and managing technology resources, including both hardware and software asessts. 

Elements of a School Budget: Instructional Staff, Facilities, Support Staff, Classroom Supplies, and School Improvement


Managing School Resources

School resources should reflect the mission and vision in action. In the papers below, I evaluated a school's fiscal resources. I also proposed school improvements via a library renovation project; this project is taking place in the summer of 2022. 

Budget Project Part 1

Budget Project Part 2

Fiscal resources are not the only resources that administrators must manage. Talent management is also an important leadership role that contributes to school culture and supports the mission and vision of the school. Below are some papers I wrote on various aspects of managing human capital. 

Obtaining Personnel

Developing Personnel

Retaining Personnel

Elements of School Human Resource Managment: Teacher Recruitment, Teacher Development, Teacher Retention


Student Safety

In October 2022 I facilitated the launch of

E-hallpass at WSHS in response to the bathroom vandalism and rampant vaping that was occurring. The data from e-hallpass allowed security to understand the movement and location of students in the building and provided them with actionable data to take disciplinary action. 

Acceptable Use Policy: Protect school technology assets as well as employee and student data
E-hallpass Logo

Student safety doesn't only relate to physical and emotional safety but also data safety.  In this paper I wrote for School Law I analyzed the division's acceptable use policy to see how it was protecting division assets as well as the humans that use the system and their data. 

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Family Engagement

in "My Digital LIfe" I conducted a series of webinars for students and caregivers in the spring of 2022. In these webinars I provided the community with information and tips on managing their digital life. You can view resources shared here: http://mydiglife.com/

Mission, Vision, and Core Values


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Strategies For Improvement


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Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment


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