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2017- 2022


Instructional Technology Coordinator, Arlington Public Schools

  • Collaborates with school administrators and staff in utilizing instructional coaching framework in daily interactions with teachers and developing plans aligned to the school improvement plan. 

  • Develops coaching skills by participating in professional learning networks.

    • Collaborates with other school-based coaches on identifying the needs of teachers and implementing support. 

    • Serves as as a liaison between the assistive technology and edtech departments 

  • Executed the collection and redistribution of 2000+ student personalized learning devices. 

  • Designs, facilitates, and evaluates the efficacy of professional learning experiences and support for school-based educators. 

    • Designs and facilitates training using Canvas LMS and other district tools. 

    • Lunch and learns on real-time tools teachers can use. 

  • Uses classroom data to develop plans with teachers on their goals for student learning in support of their school's continuous improvement plan. 

    • Assists teachers in unpacking the standards to improve student success. 

    • Uses data to facilitate coaching conversations that influence reflection, practice, and professional growth

    • Monitors implementation and impact of instructional technology tools in a school-based setting. 

  • Communicates teaching and student learning strategies to staff through weekly newsletters. 

  • Participates in various professional learning experiences to enhance my instructional coaching knowledge, andragogy needs, Universal Design for learning, and current strategies relative to teaching, student learning, and professional learning.

    • Results Coaching: Leadership Coaching for High-Performance

    • Member of the following professional learning communities: ISTE Certified Educators, Canvas Certified Educator, Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts, Google Innovator, Trainer, and Coach, Adobe Creative Educator, Canva K-12 Advisory Council

    • Presents at edtech conferences around the world. 

Instructional Technology Coach, Prince William County Schools

  • Served as a technology leader at Woodbridge Senior High by working with administrators, teachers, and students to build a digital learning culture in all classrooms. 

    • Initiated a culture of blended standards-aligned learning

    • Accomplished a transformation in access to technology for all stakeholders

    • Creation of a podcast studio and a culture of student creation. 

  • Supported high-quality teaching and learning to all teachers in alignment with school and district strategic plans.

    • Coached educators on implementing blended learning and UDL in 1:1 and group settings

    • Prioritized a dynamic school culture in a remote and blended environment.

    • Collaborated with school leaders in the development and enactment of a Blended Learning Cohort

    • Supported the creation of instructional content and implementation of best practices using Canvas LMS.

    • Created meaningful, personalized instruction using UDL principles and accessible digital creation.  #a11y

    • Created instructional strategy support materials: videos, documents, and tutorials. 

    • Developed a feedback loop to ensure best practices and methods to solve evolving challenges of the educational landscape, specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Collaborated with district leaders in supporting innovative teaching and learning division-wide. ​

    • Lead professional development courses for division Canvas course designers on implementing UDL practices within their Canvas course design. 

    • Provided support to summer Science and Family Life Canvas course designers.

    • Supported the transformation of the Regional Science fair to a digital platform. 

  • Conducted dynamic professional learning sessions for teachers within the school and the whole school district. Some example district learning experiences include: ​

    • Creative Educator: Creativity and UDL in the Classroom​

    • Blended Learning Strategies with Canvas

    • Nearpod and Blended Learning

    • Adobe Creative Educator Cohort

    • Camp Canvas

  • Promoted a culture of digital citizenship and wellness for students and staff alike. 

    • Led yearly digital citizenship lessons in all 9th grade PE/health classes aligned to SOL standards

  • Protected student databases and accounts with an emphasis on privacy. 

    • Provides educators support in understanding and implementing FERPA and COPPA compliance. 

  • Provided technical assistance on a variety of platforms and devices. 

  • Awards:

    • VSTE Coach of the Year 2019

    • Woodbridge High School Educator of the Year 2021

Science Teacher, Prince William County Schools

  • Collaborated daily with science professional learning community, assistant principal, and guidance counselors within a school of 2,500 students in a Washington DC suburb

  • Classroom teacher of biology, earth science, geology, oceanography, AP Environmental Science

  • Utilizes standards-based planning, assessment, and grading in the classroom environment

  • Creation  of inquiry guided instructional materials to teach science standards

  • Extensive experience in the special education team teaching environment and ELL setting

  • Trained mentor teacher to both students and first-year teachers. 

  • Additional instruction during summer sessions for ELL students.



Longwood University

Certificate in Educational Leadership


Virginia Polytechnic University | Master’s Degree

M.S. Science and Technology Studies


University of Central Arkansas | Bachelor's Degree

BSE Life and Earth Science Education

License & Certifications

Square Badges Updated Nov 2022.png



Katie sitting in a tv studio about to go on a show to talk about teaching. She is smiling but has to much makeup on for her liking, but they said its necessary for TV.

  • Commonwealth of Virginia Teaching License, Biology and Earth Science Expires 2029 Supervision License, Pending

  • ISTE Certified Educator, March 2022

  • Google for Education Certified Innovator, 2018-Present

  • Google Workspace Certified Trainer, 2018-Present

  • Google for Education Certified Coach, 2020-Present

  • Canvas Certified Educator, July 2021

  • Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert August 2021

  • Adobe Education Leader, 2022

  • Adobe Creative Crew, 2021

  • Adobe Creative Educator Level 2, 2021

  • Apple Learning Coach, 2022

  • Apple Certified Teacher, 2019-Present

  • Common Sense Educator, 2019-Present

  • Edpuzzle Coach, 2018-Present

  • Flipgrid Certified Level 2, 2018-Present

  • Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer 2018-Present

  • Nearpod Certified, 2017-Present

  • Soundtrap Certified Educator, 2020

  • Wakelet Ambassador, 2020

ISTE 2017-Present
VSTE 2017-Present
  • Diversity and Inclusion Committee Member, 2020

    • Mentoring sub-committee member

    • Website sub-committee member

UnisonEdu Member, 2020-Present
  • Content creation sub-committee member.

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