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Professional Work

Katie Fielding is a dynamic educator, speaker, and innovator who is passionate about empowering students and educators to thrive in the 21st century. With nearly two decades of experience in education, she has honed her skills as a classroom teacher, instructional coach, and technology integrator. Katie is a Google Innovator, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, Apple Learning Coach, ISTE Certified Educator, and has been recognized for her outstanding contributions to the field by numerous organizations.  With a strong belief in the importance of digital accessibility and creativity in the classroom, Katie is committed to ensuring that all learners have equal access to technology and learning opportunities. She is a dedicated advocate for using technology to foster creativity, innovation, and critical thinking skills in students and is always seeking new ways to engage learners and inspire them to reach their full potential.




2017- 2022


STEM Coach
Prince William County Schools

  • Development of a division-wide STEM Center, prototype opening in Fall 2023

  • Creation of secondary science curriculum documents. 

  • Support of the Prince-William-Manassas Regional Science Fair

Instructional Technology Coordinator, Arlington Public Schools

  • Collaborates with school administrators and staff in utilizing instructional coaching framework in daily interactions with teachers and developing plans aligned to the school improvement plan. 

  • Develops coaching skills by participating in professional learning networks.

    • Collaborates with other school-based coaches on identifying the needs of teachers and implementing support. 

    • Serves as as a liaison between the assistive technology and edtech departments 

  • Executed the collection and redistribution of 2000+ student personalized learning devices. 

  • Designs, facilitates, and evaluates the efficacy of professional learning experiences and support for school-based educators. 

    • Designs and facilitates training using Canvas LMS and other district tools. 

    • Lunch and learns on real-time tools teachers can use. 

  • Uses classroom data to develop plans with teachers on their goals for student learning in support of their school's continuous improvement plan. 

    • Assists teachers in unpacking the standards to improve student success. 

    • Uses data to facilitate coaching conversations that influence reflection, practice, and professional growth

    • Monitors implementation and impact of instructional technology tools in a school-based setting. 

  • Communicates teaching and student learning strategies to staff through weekly newsletters. 

  • Participates in various professional learning experiences to enhance my instructional coaching knowledge, andragogy needs, Universal Design for learning, and current strategies relative to teaching, student learning, and professional learning.

    • Results Coaching: Leadership Coaching for High-Performance

    • Member of the following professional learning communities: ISTE Certified Educators, Canvas Certified Educator, Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts, Google Innovator, Trainer, and Coach, Adobe Creative Educator, Canva K-12 Advisory Council

    • Presents at edtech conferences around the world. 

Instructional Technology Coach, Prince William County Schools

  • Served as a technology leader at Woodbridge Senior High by working with administrators, teachers, and students to build a digital learning culture in all classrooms. 

    • Initiated a culture of blended standards-aligned learning

    • Accomplished a transformation in access to technology for all stakeholders

    • Creation of a podcast studio and a culture of student creation. 

  • Supported high-quality teaching and learning to all teachers in alignment with school and district strategic plans.

    • Coached educators on implementing blended learning and UDL in 1:1 and group settings

    • Prioritized a dynamic school culture in a remote and blended environment.

    • Collaborated with school leaders in the development and enactment of a Blended Learning Cohort

    • Supported the creation of instructional content and implementation of best practices using Canvas LMS.

    • Created meaningful, personalized instruction using UDL principles and accessible digital creation.  #a11y

    • Created instructional strategy support materials: videos, documents, and tutorials. 

    • Developed a feedback loop to ensure best practices and methods to solve evolving challenges of the educational landscape, specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Collaborated with district leaders in supporting innovative teaching and learning division-wide. ​

    • Lead professional development courses for division Canvas course designers on implementing UDL practices within their Canvas course design. 

    • Provided support to summer Science and Family Life Canvas course designers.

    • Supported the transformation of the Regional Science fair to a digital platform. 

  • Conducted dynamic professional learning sessions for teachers within the school and the whole school district. Some example district learning experiences include: ​

    • Creative Educator: Creativity and UDL in the Classroom​

    • Blended Learning Strategies with Canvas

    • Nearpod and Blended Learning

    • Adobe Creative Educator Cohort

    • Camp Canvas

  • Promoted a culture of digital citizenship and wellness for students and staff alike. 

    • Led yearly digital citizenship lessons in all 9th grade PE/health classes aligned to SOL standards

  • Protected student databases and accounts with an emphasis on privacy. 

    • Provides educators support in understanding and implementing FERPA and COPPA compliance. 

  • Provided technical assistance on a variety of platforms and devices. 

  • Awards:

    • VSTE Coach of the Year 2019

    • Woodbridge High School Educator of the Year 2021

Science Teacher, Prince William County Schools

  • Collaborated daily with science professional learning community, assistant principal, and guidance counselors within a school of 2,500 students in a Washington DC suburb

  • Classroom teacher of biology, earth science, geology, oceanography, AP Environmental Science

  • Utilizes standards-based planning, assessment, and grading in the classroom environment

  • Creation  of inquiry guided instructional materials to teach science standards

  • Extensive experience in the special education team teaching environment and ELL setting

  • Trained mentor teacher to both students and first-year teachers. 

  • Additional instruction during summer sessions for ELL students.



Longwood University

Certificate in Educational Leadership


Virginia Polytechnic University | Master’s Degree

M.S. Science and Technology Studies


University of Central Arkansas | Bachelor's Degree

BSE Life and Earth Science Education

License & Certifications

Square Badges Updated May 2023.png



Katie sitting in a tv studio about to go on a show to talk about teaching. She is smiling but has to much makeup on for her liking, but they said its necessary for TV.

  • Commonwealth of Virginia Teaching License, Biology and Earth Science Expires 2029 Supervision License, Pending

  • ISTE Certified Educator, March 2022

  • Google for Education Certified Innovator, 2018-Present

  • Google Workspace Certified Trainer, 2018-Present

  • Google for Education Certified Coach, 2020-Present

  • Canvas Certified Educator, July 2021

  • Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert August 2021

  • Adobe Education Leader, 2022

  • Adobe Creative Crew, 2021

  • Adobe Creative Educator Level 2, 2021

  • Apple Learning Coach, 2022

  • Apple Certified Teacher, 2019-Present

  • Common Sense Educator, 2019-Present

  • Edpuzzle Coach, 2018-Present

  • Flipgrid Certified Level 2, 2018-Present

  • Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer 2018-Present

  • Nearpod Certified, 2017-Present

  • Soundtrap Certified Educator, 2020

  • Wakelet Ambassador, 2020

ISTE 2017-Present
VSTE 2017-Present
  • Diversity and Inclusion Committee Member, 2020

    • Mentoring sub-committee member

    • Website sub-committee member

UnisonEdu Member, 2020-Present
  • Content creation sub-committee member.

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