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Mission, Vision, and Core Values

As part of an educational leader's practice, they must be able to articulate, foster, and implement a mission and vision for their school community.  

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Educational Philsophy

The central tenant of my educational philosophy is that we must ensure that all classrooms and resources are accessible to students.  This artifact from my ISTE Portfolio illustrates my work and philosophy in action. I have promoted this vision at over 20 educational conferences.


Additionally, I dug into my passion for accessibility by seeing if local districts were meeting their obligation for accessible education in my project for School Law.

School Vision & Goals

I analyze the mission and vision of Woodbridge Senior High school. Through this assignment I learned the importance of not just creating a shared vision in a school community, but also important steps administrators must take in order for it to be implemented to reach their goals. 

We Are the World logo for Woodbridge Senior High School

Educational Technology Trends

Trends in educational technology are of particular interest to me and leverage my expertise.  Below are some current trends in educational technology and how I see their ability to be leveraged in today's classrooms. 

Strategies For Improvement

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Operations and Management

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