When creating content for educators and student I try to utilize the Universal Design for Learning framework and accessibility principles. UDL calls for using multiple means of engagement, so none of the below creations stand alone, but rather combine with other pieces to meet learners various needs.


This video has been widely shared on Canvas Facebook groups nation wide and has nearly 200K views.

The teacher directions version of the video has also been widely shared.


AppsEvents Science and Math Summit November 2020

GEG Nova Google Earth Webinar August 2020

The Google Earth Projects Wakelet are the resources that go with this presentation.

VSTE: Virtual Virginia for Coaches

VSTE Brainstorm 2020: Lessons from 6 ft Apart

VSTE 2018: Homebound Instruction

VSTE 2018

Dec 2018

Creating a Community of Digital Citizens

VSTE 2018

Dec 2018

Special Education Technology Presentation Dec 10

District Level EEE Conference

August 2018

Step-By Step Tutorials

Infographics for Social Media PD

Wakelet Resources

Design Thinking


Professional Learning